Sunday 22 April 2012

Afro Caribbean

The Black community as a percentage of population is Black 11,606 (1.2%), Black Caribbean 44,770 (4.7%).

Before the 1960's immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean made up the largest population of non whites, the highest percentage originating from the Caribbean, in particular Jamaica. Inevitably suspicion and attitudes of the time led to large numbers of the Black population seeking solidarity by living in the inner city areas such as Handworth and Soho. Social issues and policy makers also ensured that immigrants ended up in the sub standard housing of these areas.

Thankfully today attitudes have changed and whilst racial tension still exists in certain pockets of society Birmingham is fortunate to have put the troubles of the Handsworth riots of 1985 behind it.

Afro Caribbean arts, music and cuisine add to the flavour of this multi cultural city of ours as we move towards a more tolerant society and social integration.

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