Sunday 22 April 2012

Argent Centre

This is one of the most impressive and attractive buildings in the Jewellery Quarter. With its colourful Italian style in black, red and white brick it is a notable landmark.

The building was constructed in 1863 for W.E.Wiley, manufacturers of gold pens. The parapet wall does not lend itself to the spectacular and intricate style of the building and reduces the effect the towers on each corner would have had without it.

At one time the building housed a Turkish baths, the steam for which came from the factory boilers. In its day the baths were luxurious and the Argent Centre was very much a place of leisure where visitors would play billiards, chess and fencing.

Today the Argent centre is home to several businesses who rent offices in the complex.

Argent Centre, Frederick Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

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