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Aston can be traced back to the Domesday Book of 1086 where it gets a mention as having a mill, a priest and lands consisting of woodland and ploughland. Aston used to be part of Warwickshire and was only incorporated into Birmingham as recently as 1911. Aston has an interesting and historic past. Once the 300 acre deer park of Sir Thomas Holte would have dominated the landscape and been of great influence over the surrounding townsfolk. Great expansion occured in the nineteenth century when factories, workshops and mills sprang up in response to the industrial revolution.

Aston Hall was damaged in 1643 by Parliamentarian forces during the civil war. The oak staircase still bears the evidence which is plain to see for all those that visit Aston Hall whilst it is open during the summer months. Aston Hall is now owned by City of Birmingham.

Aston benefited from its proximity to the Birmingham & Fazeley canal and the network of canals around Birmingham. Rail links followed and gave room for further expansion of workshops and factories and fuelled the demand for new housing. In 1897 the Aston Villa football club occupied the grounds of Aston Hall. Villa Park has certainly been an influential factor in making Aston a well known area of the West Midlands.
Other well known names and landmarks in Aston include Aston University, Aston Manor Brewery the last of the breweries in Aston and the new Aston Science Park complex with its modern and yet pleasing design which lends itself to the canal that runs alongside.

Being so close to the city centre its not suprising that Aston has changed rapidly with the times. Many older buildings have gone and new housing has appeared to cater for the expanding needs of the community. With Aston University and the nearby University of Central England, this area is noted for its high proportion of students. The city centre is within easy walking distance of the centre of Aston. 

Photos of Aston 


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