Saturday 28 April 2012

Chemsley Wood

Chelmsley Wood is part of the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull. It is near to the NEC and Birmingham International Airport.

Most of Chemsley Wood was built in the 1960's and although many of the large ugly council tower blocks have been demolished in favour of low rise housing a good number still exist.

There are no historical sites to speak off and a distinct lack of old buildings but that is hardly surprising given the fact that this was greenbelt land before planning permission was granted.

Chelmsley Wood is served by a shopping centre which is now very outdated ( there are plans for its renovation ) and the usual amenities necessary for this size of a community but visitors get the impression that it is functional and thats about it.

About the most exciting thing that seems to have happened in 2009 is the opening of a local supermarket. Average crime rate is higher here than most parts of Birmingham and Solihull although it is going through a massive redevelopment program which may introduce much needed improvements.

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