Saturday 2 June 2012


The village of Harborne goes back to the days of the Domesday Book. It used to be known as Horeborne a small rural village in the county of Staffordshire. In Victorian times it expanded rapidly from a population of some 1,500 in the 1840's to just over 10,000 at the turn of the 1900's. Birmingham used to be part of Warwickshire and in 1891 Harborne became part of Birmingham
Harborne used to have it's own railway and the old railway line now a disused walkway still cuts through the Harborne area. Looking out from any high building in Edgbaston over the locality of Harborne and you can quickly appreciate just how green the area is. It has still retained it's original character and is a very pleasant area of Birmingham in which to live. Housing is not cheap here however so be prepared for a big mortgage.

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