Sunday 22 April 2012

Alexandra Theatre

The Alexandra Theatre was built by William Coutts in 1901. It started off badly with very little public support and was sold just a year later to a certain Lester Collingwood, a flamboyant gentleman of means. 

It was under Collingwoods stewardship that the theatre prospered. It became one of the most popular theatres in Birmingham due to Collingwoods understanding of the theatre and his larger than life personality.

Unfortunately Collingwood was killed in a motor accident and with his death the popularity of the theatre took a nose dive.

In 1911 the Alexandra came under new ownership when it was purchased by Leon Salberg who was 36 years old when he took over with the help of his two brothers-in-law, Joshua and Julias Thomas. 

Things went well for the trio and even during the First World War the theatre continued to prosper. Changes in entertainment taste saw the theatre move with the times until in 1935 it was rebuilt with an Art Deco auditorium to cope with increased demand.

Sadly Leon Salberg died in his office at the theatre in 1938 and Derek Salberg took over the responsibility for the day to day running of the theatre. The Salberg family continued to operate the Alexandra until 1977.

The theatre was eventually sold to Apollo Leisure ( the UK's largest theatre group ) in the 1990's and is still one of the main theatre venues in Birmingham. This Edwardian style theatre with a capacity of 1,347 is well known for the quality of its productions and musicals. 

Station Street, Birmingham, B5 4DS. Tel: 0121 643 5536

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