Sunday 22 April 2012

Bacchus Bar

The Bacchus Bar in Burlington Arcade, New Street, in the basement of the Burlington Hotel, is one of Birmingham's most exclusive bars.

Bacchus was the Greek God of wine and the decor tries to reflect this - well at least partially. There are some parts of the decor completely out of sync with this theme. This is a popular bar for those that like the unique surroundings and relaxing atmosphere that it provides. It isn't the cheapest bar in town by any means but then the cost of the decor and its location are bound to be reflected in the price.

The bar also serves food which is equally as expensive and given the comments on the reviews that you can find by doing a quick search on Google, the service and quality of the cuisine may leave a lot to be desired.
When Bacchus first opened it was the talk of the won and it was widely acknowledged as a great place to take visitors to the city or to relax with work colleagues after a hard day at the office.

The large murals on the walls, the roman pillars and general decorum of the bar are subdued and a little severe but if you like that kind of thing then you will like the Bacchus Bar.

Bacchus Bar, Burlington Arcade, New Street, B2 4JH. Tel: 0121 616 7991

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