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Bournville is a particularly attractive part of Birmingham. With its leafy glades and protection of the Bournville Trust it is almost ideallic in places. Residents of this part of Birmingham have to abide by a strict code of conduct with regard to the upkeep of their properties if they rent or purchase from homes still covered by a covenant set up by the Bournville Building Estate.

George Cadbury started a housing estate in 1895 with the idea that he could provide a positive and healthy working environment for his employees. He believed that good housing and the welfare of his workforce would illustrate the benefits for the good of society. 

The Bournville Building Estate followed and the subsequent Bournville Village Trust of 1900 was set up as a charitable organisation to ensure that his work would be continued and of benefit to future generations.

A drive around the property of the Bournville Village Trust will impress you. The gardens are neat and tidy and satellite dishes are not allowed. The council could take a few lessons from this approach.

Another reason why the Cadbury Factory occupies the present location is due to the forward thinking George Cadbury and his brother Richard who moved their chocolate business from the centre of the city to the current location which was a greenfield site at the time. 

This allowed for careful planning and landscaping of the environment ensured the prosperity and comfortable living conditions that residents enjoy today in this most pleasant part of Birmingham.

Cadburys World is one of Birmingham's most visited attractions. Here the story of chocolate unfolds before you and the history of the Cadbury Brothers and their acheivements are explained. A large factory shop is on the site. For more information about Cadbury World take a look at

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