Saturday 28 April 2012

Clent Hills

The Clent Hills are a popular destination for the residents of Birmingham who want to get out in the countryside and experience the long walks and panoramic views from the Clent range of hills that eventually join up with Lickey Hills.

The Clent Hills are located to the southwest of Birmingham near Stourbridge and Halesowen. the nearest Motorway is the M5 Junction 3. This area would once have been part of the Mercian Forest and in the Domesday Book the hills are referred to as "Klinter".

A large area of the hills ( Clent Hill and Walton Hill ) are protected by the National Trust and he heathland is a safe haven for Fallow Deer, buzzards and other wildlife. The whole area is rich in woodland and natural heath. On a clear day visitors can experience panoramic views of the Shropshire Hills, The Cotswolds and the Welsh borders.

This is hikers paradise with a multitude of walks and bridleways ranging from the leisurely stroll to the  arduous hill climb. The standing stones, arranged in a circle, might conjur up images of druids and celts from times long ago.In actual fact they were originally part of the Hagley Hall Estate and are not authentic at all.

Adrian Chiles chose this location as his favourite hidden tourist attraction in the BBC's website magazine.

Walton Hill is just over 316 metres in height with Clent Hill a close second at 309 metres.

Photos of Clent Hills


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