Saturday 2 June 2012

Glee Club

The Glee Club in Birmingham is dedicated to comedy. The main studio has theatre style seating with tables and a bar. They also serve food. Unlike many comedy venues everyone is facing the stage so you don't miss anything.
A much smaller studio with theatre seating and a bar acts as a host for additional comedy acts and performances.
Some very big names have performed here which include Jack Dee, Lee Evans and our very own Jasper Carrott. There are also music venue but the club is primarily for comedy.
Hecklers and the drunks don't last long here. They are thrown out. However, the website says that you can wear whatever you like and they have no dress code whatsoever although they do prefer it if you wear something.
Never unwittingly get up to go to the loo or the bar when a comedian is in full swing. The spotlight will be on you. You have been warned.
The club is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Take a look at their website for further details.
The Glee Club, The Arcadian, Birmingham, B5 4TD.

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  1. The Glee Club is great – exactly what you expect from a comedy club, seats around small tables. The look/d├ęcor is kind of industrial i.e. exposed air conditioning pipes, large room which is dimly lit etc. When you ask is it suitable for all ages – it depends entirely upon the comedians. As you’ve booked the tickets I’m assuming you have looked at who is on that night. It is adult only and if easily offended, stick to watching TV comedy. I have seen people walk out because of ‘offensive’ material – but it is a comedy club so go with an open mind. The content is likely to contain swearing, sexual references, drugs etc – all the fun stuff they are not allowed to put on TV now. It’s a fun night out for adults – they even have a retro disco at weekends which is fab. Great fun. Enjoy.

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