Saturday 2 June 2012

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Islamic Relief has grown internationally from its humble beginnings in 1984 to become a leading world charity. It started from Birmingham when Dr Hany al-Banna was overwhelmed by the poverty and starvation on a trip to Sudan whilst taking part in a medical conference.
Dr al-Banna returned to the UK and was so inspired by his visit that he left a well paid medical career to set up Islamic Relief. The charity is now employing over 1000 staff world-wide and raises more than £20 million a year which goes towards starvation and poverty in countries around the globe.
Dr Hany al-Banna, a father of five who is originally from Yardley has proved that with dedication, compassion and belief, one person can actually change the world. With its HQ still in Birmingham this is an organisation the we should all be proud of whatever our faith.
You can help Islamic Relief with old clothes, direct monetary donations or through volunteer work. Ring them today for more information on 0121 605 5555.
The website can be found at

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