Saturday 2 June 2012


Ladywood is a typical example of the 60's and 70's urban Birmingham. It is located near Edgbaston and close to Hockley and the Jewellery Quarter. Whilst the regeneration of Birmingham city moves forward at an alarming pace with the Brindleyplace development and the new Shopping complex at Edgbaston, Ladywood has yet to benefit from the modernisation program.

The housing in this area varies considerably and this is still regarded as one of the more deprived areas of Birmingham city. It's neighbouring Edgbaston, by contrast is benefitting from urban regeneration and more modern facilities.

There are however some marked improvements. Several old tower blocks have been pulled down and modern housing now takes their place in this predominantly residential area of the city.

For further information about Ladywood with visual and written memories from local residents please visit: Thank you Jenny for bringing this one to our attention.

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