Sunday 3 June 2012

Selly Oak


The area surrounding Selly Oak has a high population of students due to it's close proximity to Birmingham University. Featuring a busy high street ( Bristol Road ), with good local amenities including a retail park, a host of cafe/restaurants, and easy access to the town centre, it is a residential area always on the move.

Many of the properties around the Bristol Road are rented as student accommodation. Much of the housing in Selly Oak tends to be Victorian and built around the 1900's.

Nearby Cadbury World and Selly Oak Manor are popular tourist attractions, in particular, Cadbury World, which draws visitors from all over the UK and beyond.

Selly Oak is close to Bournville and the Cadbury Village Trust with its well kept neat housing and leafy side roads. The Bristol Road runs through Selly Oak and is one of the main routes in and out of the city of Birmingham.

Selly Oak is mentioned in the Domesday Book and recorded as 'Escelie' with the landowner being named as William Fitz Ansculf of Dudley Castle but it dates back to Roman times as an established settlement.

Originally a village, the rapid growth of Birmingham put paid to any surrounding countryside that would have existed in earlier times.

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