Sunday 3 June 2012

Sherlock Street

Sherlock Street is a boring but important route into Digbeth and the city centre. There is nothing much to shout about here and most motorists will pass through without so much as a second glance at their surroundings.

The Old Matthew Boulton College was based in Sherlock Street before it moved to its grand new iconic site in the city centre. Everything is pretty much 1960’s and dismal with it too. Tower blocks and dilapidated buildings  greet you as you move closer towards the more modern surroundings of inner city Birmingham.

This street has yet to benefit from the kind of funding we have seen elsewhere in the city centre. Just a “stones throw” away in Islington Row the old tower blocks were torn down and a new modern housing estate took shape, an example of what can be achieved with a little thought and plenty of money.

It is perhaps just a matter of time before redevelopment takes place. Sherlock Street is so close to the city centre and essentially prime real estate for any developer.

The Birmingham Mail ran an article entitled “ A Walk in the Park” which was a little more subtle in praising the area for its hidden beauties.

However, the writer confessed to not wanting to live there and I am sure that local residents will welcome the day that urban regeneration finally reaches Sherlock Street.

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