Sunday 3 June 2012


Sparkbrook is a thriving and busy community of mainly Asian residents and this is reflected in the local traders. The Halal meat shops and sweet shops of the Asian community and the colourful designs of the clothing shops make this an interesting and pleasant shopping experience. The food markets are of particularly good value and you can find wonderful spices and exotic foods that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Birmingham is full of well known Baltihouses that are generally found in the Sparkhill, Sparkbrook areas of the city. Ladypool Road is one such location where a meal out and a good balti can be found at the most reasonable of prices. These areas are where the best balti houses can generally be found. Many are not licensed for alcohol but you can take your own. The best baltis tend to come from the basic and popular restaurants that are often crowded and known to the locals for the quality of their food rather than the ambiance of the surroundings.

This is an old established area of the city of Birmingham and has many older properties that would have been built from around the mid 1850's through to the turn of the century. The Asian community have made this their home and a visit to this vibrant and popular destination is recommended. Traffic can get quite busy on a Saturday but most of the shops are open on Sunday's too.

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