Friday 10 August 2012

Frankley Beeches

Frankley has been placed firmly on the map of Birmingham simply by its association with the motorway services at Junction 3 of the M5 which is named after what was once a village that now merges with Bartley Green and the rest of Birmingham.
The services, originally built in the 1960’s, are owned by Moto. Although modernization has taken place over the years the main infrastructure of the services buildings has remained pretty much unchanged.

The usual food outlets can be found here, the convenience of cash dispensers and a petrol station. There is also a Travel Lodge. Locals used to use the service road in and out of the service area or as a quick entry to the M5 prior to it having barriers installed.

Coming out of Frankley Services and heading towards Birmingham, motorists will take the exit at Junction 3 for the Hagley Road into central Birmingham, the main attractions and Cadbury World.

At Junction 2 the exit brings the visitor into Oldbury with access to the Wolverhampton Road and Smethwick.

Junction 1 finds the motorist at West Bromwich and anything beyond that and you have missed Birmingham entirely as you merge with the M6 and hurtle north.

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