Friday 27 April 2012


Brindleyplace is a 17 acre mixed use redevelopment site on a grand scale. The UK's largest in fact. The architecture is spacious, pleasing and modern and blends in with its surroundings in style. Definately a fine asset to any city, Brindleyplace backs up to the old canal with its stylish bars and restaurants and the nearby National Indoor Arena and the Sea Life Centre. 

Brindleyplace was started in 1994 and work is now almost complete. Around the city of Birmingham more new development phases are taking place. Birmingham is going through a complete modernisation process that will make it a premier European city of merit. 
Although large, it is no longer the grandest project in monetary terms for Birmingham. Brindleyplace and the surrounding canal apartments is being completed at an estimated cost of around £400 million.

Photos of Brindleyplace


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