Friday 27 April 2012

BT Tower

British Telecom Tower dominates the sky line and is one of Birmingham's most well known landmarks. It used to be referred to as the Post Office or GPO Tower and it is the tallest building in the city of Birmingham.

The tower was completed in 1965 and became operational the following year. It was officially opened on 5th October 1967 by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham. The building was designed by the Ministry of Public Buildings and has 26 storeys which consist of offices and technical rooms.British Telecom Tower is used as a communication tower and is bristling with telecoms equipment. It is 152 metres tall ( 498 feet ) and used for long distance communications. The tower supports are built over the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. The tower was repainted in 2003. 

The large structure alongside the tower used be the Brindley House Telephone Exchange. Straddled over the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal it has been decommissioned as an exchange and turned into apartments with an extra floor being added.

There are hidden secrets to this complex. Evidence still remains near BT Tower and the old exchange building of the Anchor Exchange project of which many people in Birmingham will never have heard of.

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