Friday 27 April 2012


The New Birmingham Bull Ring Shopping Centre is a world apart from the old Bull Ring. It was built at a cost of £800 million and houses some of Britain's best known retailers. Birmingham can already claim to be the UK's third most popular retail destination. There are numorous retail parks already in existence such as the Merry Hill Complex and other smaller yet significant shopping parks. The Bull Ring is the largest retail regeneration project in Europe.

Selfridges are well known for having stores in London, New York and Paris but they have now opened their fourth store in the Bull Ring. The state of the art building in which Selfridges is housed demonstrates their commitment to the future of the Bull Ring. The surface of this new landmark is clad in 15,000 aluminium discs. What strikes you most about the Bull Ring is the way that the architects have blended the Rotunda and St Martins Church into the new complex in an almost seamless and pleasing manner.

The New Shopping Centre at the Bull Ring completely changes the face of Birmingham and links up with nearby Millenium Point, the indoor and outdoor markets and Moor Street Station.Just a few years ago Brummies were seen to be uncomfortable when talking about the Bull Ring Shopping Centre. It had become outdated and shabby and just a shadow of its former glory.

Birmingham began as a market place right by St Martins Church. The original market was here. It is fitting that this innovative and striking showpiece of achievement should replace the old Bull Ring. With 26 football pitches worth of shops and restaurants comprising of two department stores and 140 shops. On its first day of trading Selfridges had 64,000 visitors. The new Bull Ring is certainly going to have an impact on the centre of Birmingham and it is likely that we will see significant increases in the number of tourists as a result.

Regeneration around the Bull Ring continues. The area of Digbeth has been marked for more improvements and Moor Street Station is due to be connected to the rail network once again. It is currently undergoing restoration. More information can be found at:

Photos of the Bull ring can be found here


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