Sunday 27 May 2012

Eddystone Radios

Eddystone radios and receivers were made in Birmingham by a fancy goods manufacturing firm which started their production in 1925. Marconi purchased the assets of the company in 1965 and renamed it Eddystone Radio Ltd.
A wide range of radio sets was produced by the company including examples like the one above which was donated to the Eddystone Radio Museum. These would have been used on ships hence the bars on the front to pull it in and out of the racking.
Thousands of Eddystone radio sets and transmitters found their way all over the world. They were sold to the police and H.M. Forces although the Navy was one of the main users of Eddystone radio equipment.

The last valve radio set was made in 1973. During the 80's and 90's the company worked in partnership with the BBC, providing transmitters and broadcasting equipment to the corporation. It was Eddystone and the BBC that developed the new Digital Audio Broadcasting ( DAB ) system.
In 1999 the company went into receivership. After several acquisitions and a move to Selly Oak, the company was split into two parts for receivers and transmitters and sold off to two separate companies, Ring Communication and Eddystone Broadcasting.
Further information and a complete history of Eddystone can be found at the website of the Eddystone User Group.

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