Saturday 2 June 2012


Highgate is lost in the suburbia of Birmingham city and is located near Digbeth on the outskirts of the city centre. This is still one of the underveloped areas of the city. The local housing consists of council owned property with some private housing available. Ask people from Birmingham what they know about Highgate and you are likely to draw a confused look as they struggle to think where it actually is.

There are many run down industrial units which hopefully will benefit from the regeneration zone that Highgate now finds itself in. The city of Birmingham is making great strides towards redevelopment and improvements are to be seen all around us. The benefits of this just haven't reached Highgate yet. 

However, as in any location there are those hidden gems that people will remember and that catch the eye as you walk around. One such eye catching structure is the Church of St. Alban the Martyr which dates back to 1865 and is situated in Leopold Street. The Church standing today was actually built in 1871 and served as a school during the weekdays. 

Highgate also has its own park and some fine buildings that are only likely to be appreciated by a visitor on foot who takes the trouble to investigate the area. Local amenities include an array of small shops that would appear to be fairly busy and serve the needs of the local community well.

Photos of Highgate


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