Saturday 2 June 2012


Moseley borders on Kings Heath and is close to Cannon Hill Park. It is a residential suburb within two miles of the city centre. This used to be one of the most fashionable areas of Birmingham and property is still at a premium here depending on which part of Moseley you live in. Cannon Hill Park actually forms the boundary and Sparkhill is on its Eastern side. The original Moseley is still referred to as Moseley Village.

Moseley is quite diverse in its housing. There are some relatively deprived parts of Moseley and by contrast, leafy suburbs with fine examples of Victorian and Edwardian housing. The Alcester Road passes through Moseley and on to Kings Heath and this is a busy route in and out of the city. Traffic congestion can get quite bad here.

Moseley is close to good local amenities and Kings Heath is just a short distance away with its busy High Street and excellent shopping facilities. There is not much industry here and Moseley is more of a residential area than an industrial part of Birmingham.

Moseley Village, still known as 'the village' because it used to be a village on the outskirts of Birmingham, is home to the Moseley Dovecote which can be found by Moseley Hall Hospital on the Alcester Road. The dovecote used to be part of a large farm and has been saved from demolition and restored. It is open to the public some Sunday afternoons and is in the care of the Moseley Society.
Moseley is well served with parks and the MAC centre at Cannon Hill Park is well worth a visit.

There are regular events and exhibitions that take place there throughout the year. Other parks include those at the private Moseley Park, the gardens at Highbury Hall and the Moseley Bog.

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