Saturday 2 June 2012

Nature Centre


The Birmingham Nature Centre can be found situated on the Pershore Road not far from BBC Pebble Mill. Set back off the road it is easily missed. An oasis of calm adjoining Cannon Hill Park, this is a delightful inner city animal kingdom on your doorstep. It's only 2 miles from the city centre.

The centre strives to retain the original habitat of the animals and it expresses the importance of conservation. A place for young children to find out about animals, the Nature Centre is perched right along aside the River Lea. Six and a half acres and with a wide selection of domestic and wild animals.
Advertising itself as having 134 species of British and European wildlife, the centre allows free admission to children.

The Nature centre is home to otters, foxes, deer, owls, sheep, goats, wallaby, donkeys, pigs, polecats, chickens, rabbits, rodents, beavers, reptiles, porcupine, cats, waterfowl, lynx, and has a selection of wild flowers and birds.

Nature Centre, Pershore Road, Birmingham. B5 7RL

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