Sunday 3 June 2012

Symphony Hall

Birmingham's Symphony Hall is an impressive 2,262 seat concert hall in the heart of the city. Located in the ICC ( International Convention Centre ) building, it was officially opened by the Queen in 1991.

The Symphony hall has world class acoustics and an impressive auditorium that must place it amongst the finest in the UK. The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra are based here and it is host to numerous international orchestras.


It is also a venue for community events and has a diverse programme which includes all types of music, comedy acts, conferences and graduations. Over 300 events a year take place here with nearly 400,000 people visiting the Symphony Hall each and every year.

At a cost of £30 million it was designed by Russell Johnson of Artec Consultants Inc and features state of the art acoustics and 8 inch ( 200 mm ) thick concrete walls and ceilings with dampening curtains and sound reflection equipment.

Many people are unaware that the Symphony Hall is built just 98 feet ( 30 metres ) from a railway line. To alleviate any interference the railway track is mounted on rubber cushions as is the entire hall.

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