Saturday 16 June 2012

Church of St Martin - Bull Ring

The church of St Martin in the Bull Ring is the original church of the parish of Birmingham. It is a Grade II listed building situated between the shopping centre and the markets.

There has been a church on this site since 1290 although the existing church is of a Victorian gothic design. The old church was completely demolished in 1873 and a new one constructed and designed by J A Chatwin who also worked on the Houses of Parliament.

The interior of the church features floor tiles with the quartered arms of the de Birmingham family. A window in the church by William Morris in 1875 was saved from destruction by being taken down during the Second World War only a day before a bomb exploded nearby which destroyed all the other windows in the church.

The church has had a facelift and was cleaned and repaired as part of the development of the Bull Ring complex in 2003. The church fits in well with its new surroundings and features a tea lounge, healing centre and a learning and advice service.

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