Saturday 2 June 2012

Hurst Street

Hurst Street is at the heart of the Gay Village and backs right up to the Arcadian and the Chinese Quarter. The Rainbow flag flies proudly here on several buildings and gay clubs and gay cabaret give you a wide choice of venues for your evening entertainment.


Every last Monday in May on the weekend before the Spring Bank Holiday, Hurst Street is host to Birmingham Pride when the gay population get the chance to strut their stuff and party.

Hurst Street has always been an odd street with its dusty open car park, variety of commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes and its blend of new buildings at the top end as you move closer to the Chinese Quarter.

There is diversity here too. You can buy cheap furniture at the lower end of the street which consists of some old warehouses and a few residential houses - cut off from any residential community by the big Jubilee Centre behind them and the car park on their flank.

Walking further along Hurst Street and the visitor will pass a club, café, restaurant, pubs and an adult shop. Throw in some historical back to back houses, a Tesco Express and the Hippodrome theatre and you have Hurst Street.

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